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Here's your chance to work with the best logo designing company in UAE. Our designers know how to create distinctive logos that enhance your brand's image, creating a lasting impression on your audience.

Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo
Codex Technologies Sample Logo

How Is A Logo Beneficial

For Your Brand?

THaving a logo is considered as the company's face. If your company doesn't have a logo, you do not have any identity – a re-call element for your brand which your audience can remember. Above all, a logo attracts customers, making it an excellent first impression that works as the base of your business marketing plan. It will further make sure that your brand is memorable and different from your competitor. The company's logo is the first thing that is anticipated the most by your target audience as it boosts up their loyalty towards your brand.
At Codex Technologies, we take all this under consideration and help businesses design exceptional and notice-worthy logos bound to generate customer loyalty. We strongly advise you to collaborate with our talented team of designers. Having our experts design your brand identity is a fantastic decision. Start right away!

We’ve Expertise To Craft Variety Of Logos

Craft Variety Of Logos

At Codex Technologies, we build brand-defining logos that help organizations and businesses stand out.

  • Iconic Logo Design

    We provide businesses with iconic logo designs according to their company's goals. Our iconic logos guarantee easy recognition of your brand for your customers.

  • Typography Logo Design

    Using high-quality images and unique text, we create eye-catching typography logo designs that are bound to hype your brand.

  • Illustrative Logo Design

    TWe create illustrative logo designs that use sophisticated design aspects and components, along with illustrations. We aim to bring out the best part of your brand through our logos.

  • Animated Logo Design

    Move ahead of time with our animated logo designs. Using interactive, artsy, and dynamic animated features, we make moving logos that work wonders for attention-grabbing.

Burger Goodies

Food Your Way

With hassle-free food delivery, Burger Goodies aims to bring a huge number of food stalls and snack bars to users’ reach while sitting at home or playing at the baseball court.

We integrated:

  • Easy features for users to search, select and order food of their choice
  • Super user-friendly and smooth navigation and interface of the app
  • Unparalleled food delivery experience for users
Burger Goodies Portfolio Image

Discover a secure platform

To connect

A social networking mobile application that finally keeps your data and conversation secure in this era. Let's discover a safe and secure platform that keeps you connected with your loved ones in the best possible way.

We integrated:

  • Developmental process behind the application
  • We bring you a safe and secure space to share and discuss
  • Assist in building real connections
MomentPin Portfolio Image

Instant Food Delivery

For everyone in the City

We developed a perfect APP for door to door fresh foods delivery. With this platform clients are able to order food from theiir favorite restaurants and the they can select the best time for the delivery. The food is then delivered.

We integrated:

  • Discover the most advanced rent to own system on the planet
  • Challenge of creating a safe and smart financial solution
  • Our approach to develop a market-leading app
ShedCard Portfolio Image

The most effective

Enterprenuer Zone

Lion heart made it simple for enterprenuers to mix and mingle. The platform provides all the information and resources valuable to enterprenuers. Bloggers are able to subscribe and update content for free. Enterprenuers are able to open topics and discuss on possible solutions.

We integrated:

  • A mobile application build by investors for investors
  • The visual appeal and layout of the application
  • Challenges we faced in developing an industry-leading app
CruzeForCash Portfolio Image


We Served

Codex Technologies has worked in a variety of fields. We aim to offer our logo design services to a wide range of businesses. We have experienced professionals who will aid you in selecting the most appropriate design. We provide logo designs that are comprehensive, bespoke, and adds value to your business.


Partner with us and create lifestyle logo designs. Fitness, journal, training regimens, mood elevators, and other lifestyle categories are included.


Hire our designers and design creative, imaginative, and interactive logos that solely caters to your business. With our compelling and amusing logo design services, you can enhance your brand's exposure and ROI.

Health & Fitness

Our agency has comprehensive expertise in creating and designing logos for health and fitness companies. Our logos provide companies with a brand identity that's unlike anyone in the industry.


Hire us to create your music business logo that will guarantee audience attention and loyalty to your business. Our design experts are known to develop visually appealing and engaging music-specific logos.

Photo & Video

Photos and videos are our present and our future too. Create cool, artsy, and creative photo and video logo designs for your business with the help of our talented team of designers.

Food & Drink

Hire our logo designers to design and create a food and drink industry-related logo for your brand. It's the best way to increase your brand's visibility and accountability.

  • 01 Brainstorming
  • 02 Idea Information
  • 03 Color Selection
  • 04 Drafting
  • 05 Revision
  • 06 Project Finialization

Our Compendious


We are proud of the exhaustive process our team takes to create aesthetically pleasing and unique logo designs. Our expert team of designers works around the clock to ensure that our clients receive only the best results. Our primary process includes brainstorming ideas for our client's businesses. That further leads to the initial draft of the concept. We then link the idea to our client's business to select a suitable color theme. With everything on hand, we develop the initial draft that is then revised before finalizing the project. Every project of ours goes through this process with a result of exceptionally crafted logo designs.

Concerned About

How it works?

At Codex Technologies, our work procedure is straightforward. Our staff takes the time to assess and analyze your brand's structure thoroughly. Following an in-depth assessment, we proceed to the planning phase, when we design out-of-this-world plans. Codex Technologies offers cutting-edge web design and mobile app development services. Collaborate with us to push your organization to previously unimaginable heights.

SWAB Consultancy Testimonail

SWAB Consultancy

We really enjoyed working with team CodeEx. They have a very willing spirit to complete tasks with a high quality of workmanship. Their team is the best when it comes to communicating and bringing solutions to any challenge.

Big Boys testimonial

Big Boys

It was a delight working with the team at CodeEx. I value their creative input and professional behavior throughout the journey. I intend on hiring them over and over again.

Destiny Lashes Testimonial

Destiny Lashes

CodeEx has an extremely professional team that worked closely with me at every step of the way. They successfully built our business website from scratch in a short amount of time. They undoubtedly exceeded my expectations

Beauty Hair Testimonial

Beauty Hair

I worked with CodeEx for my ecommerce site. While this project was pretty small, I am completely convinced that they have the potential to carry out the most challenging development projects

3D Gamer Testimonial

3D Gamer

I wanted to design a unique website that perfectly illustrates my creative business. CodeEx did a great job and brought my random thoughts to life

Shaker Shoes Testimonial

Shaker Shoes

Very professional team with quick solutions to all design and development challenges!


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